While the sudden departure of Ed Poorman and the Avalanche crew has the NXL scrambling to figure out how to stop the bleeding, Rocky and the boys have been on the move.

Earlier today we learned that former Dog, Tom Castro, who joined the team for World Cup in 2006 and was cut immediately after the event, has rejoined the franchise. Seems the Dogs are pulling at whatever they can get their hands on these days, word has it Scott Knight has been brought in from Division 3. Ouch, thats going to hurt!

We’ve also learned that Rocky is working on picking up Kasey Fields brother, Corey. Nothing is official yet as they are still in discussions. Both Fields brothers were long time dogs, Kasey ending his long run in 2007 while Corey bailed out in 2006. Although Corey may need to shake off the rust, he is well versed in Pro Xball and his presence would definintely lift the teams moral.

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