psp4 individuals, each representing different aspects of the PSP/Xball met during NEO to discuss the idea of eliminating the 4th event, a traditionally non-profit / low turn out event and beefing up the remaining 4 events.

As a regular pro paintbal reader you are aware that there are several teams “rumored” to be leaving. Problems this season include less than stellar reffing, high event fees (and administration dues), heavy handed meddling by industry and primary owner (guess who), etc.

Sidenote: In the early days of the NXL the high quality reffing was one of the key selling points of the league to franchise teams. In order to secure the better reffs the league went out of their way to convince them this was the way to go. The NXL refferies were a class of thier own, each reff was provided their own room and rental car for the event (whereas the NPPL crams several into the same room). Some of the refferies were paid several hundred dollars a day, in cash. This season the league changed how they manage payouts to refferies by 1099 (or taxing) them. Refferies are working for the league to augment income from their other jobs and this additional revenue on tax sheets put many of them into a higher tax bracket which to put it bluntley, pissed a few people off and they aren’t around anymore. They have since been replaced by lower paid staff members but the quality is just not the same.

The discussion: In an attempt to increase the profitability of the PSP and keep a Pro division alive the powers that be would like to drop the NXL and create a new Professional Xball division. Eliminating the well paid NXL refs would help reduce the costs. This new division would come complete with lower entry fees (around 50% less), increased prizes for 3rd and 4th.

Next season we may see the elimination of the 4th event. If the league sticks with 5, you can put your money on it that they will return to AAPP. Partnering up with fields helps reduce event costs and increase the profitability of the league, which of course is the primary concern of the PSP. Talk on the table includes Rennick Miller letting the league use the Badlandz for next years Chicago.

Smart Parts is not liking the idea of killing off the league they have spent so much effort trying to take over and will fight this tooth and nail, but seeing as they are a vested partner in the PSP they may have to make a concession to keep Pro Xball alive.

What are your thoughts? Sound off in the comments below!

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