The Long Awaited Chicago Open 2009 Sunday Paintball Photos


Tradition holds for paintball tournaments in Chicago: winter weather stays strong up until the very day planes start landing and tossing paintball gear onto the baggage cars. When we arrived to the field on Tuesday it was apparent that we were in for a heatwave; 100 degrees farenheit and approx. 95% humidity. Chicago was going to be a hot one!

As the Chicago paintball event unfolded, the weather seemed to get warmer and warmer and the girls, well, they began showing up in less and less (Ed: sorry, no pics!). Pro Paintball and beautiful women — Can’t ask for much else! To make a long story short, once we all departed, the thermometer dropped about 20+ degrees Monday, but whose taking note? I’d like to share my thanks to Stephen Wright, Jack Palombo, Matt Dawson and all of the other supporters who contributed to the ProPaintball Chicago coverage.

Stand out, Matt Dawson, a veteran photographer and amazing contributor to Pro Paintball had quite the week. From accidents prior to arrival, to bruised shoulders, pinched nerves, and ice blisters, he got caught in a series of unfortunate events. Behind the scenes, Matt had been working straight through for the last several weeks trying to prepare for a new pro paintball mag, known as “Feature This”. Needless to say, Matt was unable to carry all of his gear with him at any given time and was put into an even more tough position. What happened in the end? Against all odds, Matt Dawson, prevails and brings a grip of amazing paintball photography.

Below is the Sunday Photo made possible by the hard work of Matt Dawson. For more of the Chicago event coverage (and tons of excellent paintball photos), be sure to check out our PSP Chicago Open 2009 coverage.

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