The WPPL is our answer to tournament paintball. We have been involved with tournament paintball for 12 years and have experienced it all from the local, to the national level. After listening to players, coaches, and spectators, we feel we have an answer. An exciting tournament series that gives players a National Style playing format, certified refs, huge prizes, affordable entry and paint, and best of all, it will not affect any players national ranking!

Why the WPPL?

So here’s the deal… The WPPL will lock in 16 teams to a total of 5 events. All games will be a “Race-to-5” format with Modified PSP Rules open to D1 Players and lower. Each team will be guaranteed 2 matches per event in which they will earn seed points towards the final event. At that event, it will be single elimination until we have an overall winner.

This will give every team an opportunity to practice their skills for national events without affecting their ranking, plus every team will still have the chance to win the overall prizes at the final event!

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Writeup credit: Jeff “Stince” Stinson of JS Photo