Our chatbox has been going back and forth with rumblings that one of the Bornstein brothers (ex Ballistic, XSV Influence) was recently axed from the Bushwackers (8th place, NPPL). We recently learned that Ryan Podesta, Captain of the Pro team, had a long standing grudge against Jason Bornstein for reasons still unknown. Apparently the two players butted heads for the last time and Ryan Podesta made a power play.

For those unfamiliar with the internal workings of the Bushwackers, the team has a long standing policy that any player caught using non-sponsored equipment (for any reason!), may be cut and or fined at Ron Kilbournes discretion.

Ryan Podesta made his move while watching Jason Bornstein grab a timmy during practice when his ego went down, eagerly snapping a photo which was later as grounds for cutting Jason.

The best part of all of this, however, is that Ryan jumped at the opportunity to publicly blast Jason (check pbreserve chatbox on the left), then adamantly deny it. Here is a tip Ryan, next time your going to “make a power move”, try not to post about it on the internet.

As of writing Jason was unavailable for comment on the matter. Jason Bornstein has joined Oakland Blast for the final event of the season.

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