TB Damage Wins NPPL DC!

tampa wins

The NPPL had this to say;

The DC Challenge paintball tournament, held at the beautiful Pev’s Paintball Park in Aldie, VA has come to a close and the NPPL would like to thank all the players, sponsors, staff and crew that came together to help make this one of the smoothest paintball events in NPPL history.  The league would also like to extend a special thanks to Mike “Pev” Peverill and his team for providing such an outstanding venue.

The NPPL was excited to debut the new “S7” tournament format during the All-Star Game, which got rave reviews from both pro players and spectators alike.  As for the regulation pro competition, Tampa Bay Damage proved that they are definitely the top 7-man team in the country with back-to-back wins in Chicago and now in DC.  Congratulations to Damage on their impressive victory.

Here are the final standings in each division:

Pro Paintball Division
1st – Tampa Bay Damage – sponsored by KEE Action Sports & DYE Precision
2nd – LA Infamous sponsored by Bob Long Technologies
3rd – San Diego Dynasty sponsored by Planet Eclipse
4th – Naughty Dogs sponsored by DYE Precision

D1 Paintball
1st – Arsenal Predators
2nd – Warped Army
3rd – Naughty Dogs Silver

D2 Paintball
1st – One 18
2nd – Obnoxious
3rd – Infamy sponsored by KEE Action Sports
4th – Paradox

D3 Paintball
1st – Noobies
2nd – Tlords
3rd – Wiseguys
4th – Minions

D4 Paintball
1st – Iron Legion
2nd – Justice Kidz
3rd – TCP H8 Factory
4th – PB Warehouse Factory

Pump Paintball
1st – Vigilante
2nd – Top Gun FP&PL Scrubs
3rd – Milwaukee Throwback
4th – Blind Aggression

Photo Credit: NPPL