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Millennium Bitburg 2011 – Laning Breakdown & Analysis

Bitburg, Germany is the site for the Millennium Series’ second event of the season, known as MAXS European Masters. Baca Loco at View from the Deadbox has typed up an extensive analysis of laning and breakout strategy that is a must read for any team looking to gain a competitive advantage. Give the detailed laning […]Read More

2011 WCPPL Event 2 – Laning Breakdown & Analysis

Baca Loco offers up his take on breakout strategy for the WCPPL’s Event 2 layout. If you’ve read any of his previous write-ups, you know his thoroughness in analysis and keen understanding of the game can provide meaningful insight into the strategic particulars of any field layout. If you study and apply it well enough, […]Read More

VFTD Presents Pro*file: Billy Bernacchia

Baca Loco over at View From The Dead Box has introduced a new series entitled, Pro*files! Taking up and coming stars in the sport of pro paintball, and bringing them into the light of the online paintball community (hopefully readers outside as well). The Pro*file’s will feature both paintball players that have become household names, […]Read More

ProPaintball.com Wednesday Rumor Round Up

ProPaintball.com insiders report that Los Angeles Infamous are rumored to be shooting Bob Long Victory’s in 2010. Further, San Diego Dynasty are rumored to be shooting Planet Eclipse Ego’s. As of writing, these are just rumors but gun switches from both of these teams would be very interesting. Baca Loco over at View from the […]Read More

Paintball around the world in 30 seconds

Todays round up features the several updates from Paris, a follow up from Chicago and a few thoughts on the World Cup venue change. The Paris Millenium webcast is up. Check out the Euro action over at Spirit of Paint.tv Speaking of the Millennium, Ryan, Alex, Justin and Davey from Dynasty and Ollie from the […]Read More

VFTD: Chicago Layout breakdown

Baca Loco over at View from the Deadbox has posted up a breakdown for the Chicago Open field layout entitled “Command & Control“. Baca breaks down how to play the Mini dorito and provides several options for play including both utilizing the position as well as shutting the bunker down and preventing your opponents from […]Read More

PB around the web in 30 seconds

BallersCafe has a note about the impending 50 caliber paintball product line. From the sounds of the press release Robbo is working with the Gardners/Italia project “GI Milsim” and promising cheaper paintballs and lots more of them while Chris Lasoya is in charge of their clothing line. Check it out here. Baca over at View […]Read More