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ANGEL EYE Paintball Goggle to be (re)unveiled

According to ProPaintball Insiders, the long rumored Angel EYE Paintball Goggle will be making its way to fields in the very near future. Insiders report that the ANGEL EYE paintball goggle project has been restarted by Tiberius Arms. Sources tell us the ANGEL EYE Paintball goggle will debut later this month during Paintball Extravaganza. ProPaintball […]Read More

New Gear: Critical Paintball Trigger for DYE NT & DM11

Our friends at Critical Paintball let us know they have unveiled the Critical Ultralight Raze Trigger for the DYE NT, DM11 and DM10 paintball guns. The trigger is said to be ergonomically correct and offer 4 ways of adjustment enabling you to customize your trigger pull and adjust the amount pull that you want after the break. Best of all, it doesn't void your DYE warranty.Read More