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Throwback Theatre: Election Tribute

So the popular vote was cast, electoral college decided, Obama’s term is extended, and pot is legal in two states.. Did I miss anything? To stay in the spirit of the week, Throwback-Theatre-Thursday jumps in on the madness of political frenzy. This week we’re offering up three clips that all fall on election years: 2000, […]Read More

PSP Chicago Open Paintball Photographs – SkipsPics

Today we bring to you, some more pictures from the 2011 PSP Chicago Open. These pictures were supplied by the awesome crew over at SkipsPics.com (Skip Hickey and Jon Michael) . Make sure to check them out and contact them if you are interesting in hiring them at the next event! Also, if you’re interested […]Read More

HyBrid Foto Partners with PROpaintball.com: Full European Coverage in 2013

PROpaintball.com has our sights set overseas.. We’re going international in 2013! [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dr7yOU2BPuI[/youtube] HyBrid Foto (Sweden) is a veteran media presence in European paintball, with over a decade of on-field experience spent behind the lens. Perusing their portfolio takes you on a digital “Euro-trip” to every corner of the continent where paintball can be found. Their […]Read More

Planet Eclipse Dail-e Download 2

The second installment of the Dail-E Download from Planet Eclipse, on location at the World Cup of paintball. Hosted by Matt Marshall, today’s show features clips of our Game of the day, Dynasty vs Naughty Dogs, and a wrap up with Coach Mike Hinnman. [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=StTViT4STU0[/youtube]Read More

Phoenix Feature by Matt Dawson

Without further adue, ProPaintball.com is proud to introduce action sports photographer Matt Dawson and his 2009 Phoenix magazine special feature. Prepared to be blown away as Matt brings a fresh perspective on professional paintball photography and event coverage. This is a MUST SEE! Check it out @ MattDPhoto.com.Read More

View from the Deadbox: Last Mag Standing

The View is running a contest to see who can predict the last magazine standing. Readers are encouraged to place bets on magazines and internet sites that are posed to fall first. Our bet is with Splat Magazine seeing the end sooner rather than later. Kinda fun actually. Head over and place your bets! View […]Read More

Moving and shaking: Industry Edition

Great American Paintball is considering closing up shop. Shrinking profit margins, small distribution network and slow business. Trying not to miss out on the internet, Face Full finally begins the transition its publication online. The market place seems to be heating up and all the big players (or whats left of them) seem to be […]Read More

NPPL Championship Paintball

At last, the paintball game we have all been waiting for, NPPL Breakout 2009! Activision-Blizzard have teamed up with the NPPL, Team Dynasty, and Bob Long (Ironmen/BLAST fame) to produce the best paintball video game yet! A bit of background, Acti-Blizzard was the publishing arm behind WXG’s Greg Hastings Tournament Paintball series and the company […]Read More

Mythbusters meets Paintball

Watch on Youtube This past Thursday the Mythbusters built and demo’d what could be the largest paintball gun ever to recreate the MONA LISA in less than 80 miliseconds. Watch from 1:30 to end.Read More