Pro Paintball T-shirt update: SOLD OUT!

Wow. We sold our last Pro Paintball t-shirt this morning! We appreciate your support of our project and deeming it worthy enough that you forked out cold hard cash for a Pro Paintball shirt. The demand for the super fresh … Read More

Introducing.. Pro Paintball t-shirts

This is the moment you have all been waiting for! The official Pro Paintball T-shirts are finally available! You need something cool to wear and what better way than to show the world your a Pro Paintball player. Best of … Read More

Exclusive first look: Understood 2010 Paintball Gear

Understood PBUnderstood Paintball has given Pro Paintball the exclusive first look to their new apparel lineup for the 2010 season, as well as the first look at their brand new colorways to add to the already existing GatWrap product. The entire new line of apparel will be making its debut at the 2009 PSP World Cup on October 7th-11th in Polk City, FL.

There will be a total of five new T-shirt designs and two new color variations of GatWrap’s hitting the scene in October. Here is a break down on each design coming out. Without further adieu, here is the brand new line-up:

  • The World Cup exclusive design last year was a huge success, selling out within the first 72 hours of the event. That being said, a new three color design is in order this year, printed as an over-sized front graphic to show off just how much the ladies love Understood! *Note: This design is limited to only 36 pieces and once it sells out, there won’t be any more made in any colors.


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PPB Exclusive: VICIOUS 2010 Team Geo2

Planet Eclipse, VICIOUS, Violent Products and Furious have teamed up to produce one of the nicest VICIOUS guns to date. This GEO2 will feature a Violent blade trigger (not pictured) in polished red, and a VICIOUS Furious barrel. These guns are super limited, only 10 made. We are told by DSSP8NTBALL.COM that the guns are already sold out, before they even hit the shelves. Also included is a 3 year labour warranty from DSS.

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