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PSP Final Standings @ NEO

NXL 1st – San Diego Dynasty 2nd – Philly Americans 3rd – Legion 4th – Ironmen Division 1 XBall 1st – RNT Allstarz 2nd – Damage 3rd – TX Justice League 4th – Vicious Division 2 XBall 1st – Cross-Eyed Paintball 2nd – TPA Revolution 3rd – Shockwave Canada 4th – Raiden Division 3 XBall […]Read More

NEO Day 3 NXL Results

The Aftermath vs. Impact game was a shutout, Impact appears to be unable to dent the aftermath machine. Final score: Aftermath 9, Impact 0. Xfactor started the match against the Ironmen 4 to 1 and from the spectator side they seemed to be dominating the Ironmen. The Ironmen seemed to hold Xfactor at 4 points […]Read More

The dyna-shuffle

Ryan Martin, Kekoa, and Arod are all in pittsburgh this weekend so Entourage tryouts have been postponed. Kekoa and arod are trying out for Dynastys pro paintball squad. Mark Lack has quit the nxl squad and is playing with Entourage exclusively. We can’t really blame him, the dynasty clique has been treating the second team […]Read More

Tryouts August 9th/10th

Infamous and Dynasty Entourage are both holding private tryouts this weekend. Former members of Ironmen, LTZ and XSV are said to be mixing it up. Aftershock has been trying to pick up Drew Templeton from the ashes of Avalanche Xball team. Word has it he can’t commit to the rest of the season (practices?) and […]Read More

NPPL Buffalo Round #2

Oneforone TV Buffalo Round 2 NPPL Buffalo coverage including interviews with Ryan Greenspan about the departure of Brian Cole & rumors of Yosh Rau leaving Dynasty. Also in the video below theres a ‘bird dodging incident’, Billy Wing explains the incident and also talks about the series along with finals in Buffalo.Read More

NPPL Buffalo Finals Videos by iTV360

Game one. Dynasty_vs_XSV_1.wmv Game two. Dynasty_vs_XSV_2.wmv Game one. Ironmen_vs_Hurricanes_1.wmv Game two. Ironmen_vs_Hurricanes_1.wmv Game three. Ironmen_vs_Hurricanes_3.wmv NOTE: These videos will open in your media player. Please give them a second to load. If you have any issues, check your anti-virus to make sure its not blocking connections.Read More

NPPL Buffalo Top 4

Professional 1. Golden State Ironmen 2. New England Hurricanes 3. San Diego Dynasty 4. Sacramento XSV Semi-Professional 1. Arsenal Evolution 2. Dynasty Entourage 3. Phoenix United 4. Method of Destruction Division 1 1. Arsenal Kidz 2. New England Xpress 3. Aftermath II 4. DC Monstars Division 2 1. Miami Rage 2. Go 4 Broke 3. […]Read More

Brian Coles Retires from Paintball..

Star corner Brian “BC / Meat Hammer” Cole retires from Pro Paintball. He recently landed himself a high paying job. Our sources say the Dynasty camp saw it coming. Good luck Brian! What only remains to be answered is how this will effect Dynasty? They have definitely had a rough start this season and one […]Read More

Yosh Rau to Ironmen?

Internet rumors spread like wildfire over the last 24 hours about a major defection from the Dynasty camp to Ollies Ironmen. After several emails informing us of a major departure and a nasty note saying otherwise, our sources among the Ironmen finally got back to us. “Definite No” to Yosh trading teams is the official […]Read More

Dynasty vs. Russian Legion @ Chicago Open 2008

Unfortunately the league isn’t broadcasting any of the event so we are a few days behind on the footage. Check out the game between Russian Legion & Dynasty by pbstar. Dynasty suffers pretty bad due to paint bouncing but they came back this morning and shut down Tampa Bay Damage 9-6.Read More