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USPL Divisional Schedules are up, Pro Signings & Divisional Assistance

After much anticipation, Chris Raehl has finally posted the USPL Huntington Beach schedules! They can be found here on the APPA website. Pro Player signing schedules for USPL Huntington Beach: Pro Signings Sacramento XSV Signing at Ninja Booth Saturday 10:00 – 11:00 am Saturday 2:20 – 3:30 pm (Giving an Air system away each day!) […]Read More

One More Week till USPL..and

Raney Stanczak has parted ways with Escondido Aftermath following the Phoenix PSP event. This time he has no plans of retirement and will be playing the USPL Huntington Beach event next weekend with Rodney Squires and Dynasty Entourage. Many power house teams have been noted, including the revival of the Dream Team. It will be […]Read More

GAP Closes Up Shop

Rumors surfaced a few weeks back about this taking place in the near future. The reality of it all is that this is only the beginning. Paintballers, the sport needs your help! Support your local stores and fields!Read More

NPPL Commanders Cup Thursday

Earlier this week the schedules were released and much to everyone’s discrepancy, the Semi Pro teams will be playing their preliminary games on Friday. Spyder Cup is hosting their grand finale event Saturday and Sunday. They will be utilizing the Spyder field for the preliminary games and the NPPL field on Sunday for the two […]Read More

World Cup 2008 Wrap Up

The event of the year that every player waits for from the moment the previous seasons Cup ends. One full week of everything paintball has to offer, on the grounds of the “Happiest Place on Earth.” Spanning a Wednesday-Sunday of the never ending emotional roller coaster that every player rides, this event is by far, […]Read More

Todd Martinez speaks about Raza and "the state of paintball"

Paintball is a great sport to love. With love always comes joy and frustration. I have dedicated a lot of time and energy over the years to doing what I love and because I have many blessings of good people and opportunities, I have been able to give back to the sport that brings me […]Read More

Raza Park "pulls the plug" on MR PAINTBALL

Raza Park, home field to Dynasty & Aftermath, closed up shop after practice Sunday. Credible sources have informed us that the park pulled everything; netting/poles, 3 fields of astro turf, several fields of sup-air bunkers, air stations/generators and relocated all of it to a nearby storage facility. Reasons for the *temporary* closure were based on […]Read More

Thoughts from the Inside

Recently we had the opportunity to chat with Rodney Squires of Dynasty & Entourage fame. Hot topics included NPPL Houston, read below; As far as the Houston event the weather issue stinks, but you can’t do anything about it.  We wish the NPPL would make up their mind about what they are going to do […]Read More

Parlay voo france

Paris Millenium going to be the best event of the year. The event will take place on October 10-12 at Euro Disney. We won’t be seeing any Dynasty Players playing on their teams due to Xball practice for PSP World Cup! There will still be plenty of other big names at the event, look for […]Read More

Monday Report

Right on the heels of Mrod getting back in the game, Dynasty Entourage has added Rondell Philipone (ex Ironmen/SF Design) to the roster. Squires is not out yet, sources tell us the team plans on rotating everyone out equally with each team member sitting one match. A player swap is rumored to be underway in […]Read More

Making the return from the beach

Mrod (formerly of Dynasty) took a leave of absence after having smashed on his old teamates at HB with a 5-G game playing with SF Design (check out the video). Mike ended up ditching the SF guys for some big waves in Newport, and now hes back on the field with Dynasty Entourage. Moving around […]Read More