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Dynasty re-signs with KEE Action Sports

Pro Paintball team San Diego Dynasty has signed with KEE Action Sports again for the 2010 season. Looks like Dynasty will be wearing head to toe Empire gear and shooting RPS paintballs. Congrats Dynasty! Read on for the latest paintball news featuring San Diego Dynasty.Read More

Dynasty shooting Planet Eclipse paintball guns!

ProPaintball.com insiders report that San Diego Dynasty has signed with Planet Eclipse for the 2010 season. Our sources have confirmed that this is in fact a done deal. ProPaintball.com insiders have informed us that the team will be shooting both private label Dynasty Ego and Dynasty GEO’s, which is typical of Eclipse sponsored pro teams, […]Read More

ProPaintball.com Wednesday Rumor Round Up

ProPaintball.com insiders report that Los Angeles Infamous are rumored to be shooting Bob Long Victory’s in 2010. Further, San Diego Dynasty are rumored to be shooting Planet Eclipse Ego’s. As of writing, these are just rumors but gun switches from both of these teams would be very interesting. Baca Loco over at View from the […]Read More

Dynasty win USPL Las Vegas!

Dynasty have just beat Oakland Blast for the event win, but Blast still take the series title for 2009. Congratulations to both teams! 1st- San Diego Dynasty 2nd- Oakland Blast 3rd- Edmonton Impact 4th- Infamous This was the first win for Dynasty in a series which til now has been all about DC Arsenal.  The […]Read More

PPB Exclusive: 2010 Dynasty Paintball jersey

Today we are proud to present an exclusive first look at the 2010 Dynasty paintball jersey. San Diego Dynasty will be wearing this jersey at the PSP World Cup and the NPPL Las Vegas events. This jersey is the first of much more to come from the 2010 Empire LTD line. We have to say, […]Read More

[PPS] Weekend of September 12th & 13th

Welcome to the Pro Practice Schedule for the weekend of September 12th and 13th. For those of you whom are tuning in for the first time, the PPS is a series of updates in which we showcase the professional teams preparations leading up to the next major event. We do our best to provide the […]Read More

The Long Awaited Chicago Open 2009 Sunday Paintball Photos

Tradition holds for paintball tournaments in Chicago: winter weather stays strong up until the very day planes start landing and tossing paintball gear onto the baggage cars. When we arrived to the field on Tuesday it was apparent that we were in for a heatwave; 100 degrees farenheit and approx. 95% humidity. Chicago was going to […]Read More

Russians take Aftershock

Boston Red Legion defeat Aftershock in their first match. Russians over Aftershock 7 to 4. Tomorrow Aftershock will match up against Dynasty and the Russians will play Impact who will be coming off the loss today against the Naughty Dogs.Read More

Team USA at the Millennium Malaga Event

After finalization during the USPL Huntington Beach 2009 event members of San Diego Dynasty and DC Arsenal will be teaming up to play in the Millennium Malaga event this next weekend. This is the first we’ve seen of the #1 and #2 US teams teaming up together to play in the European Circuit. Many in […]Read More

Dynasty Entourage USPL HB Division 1 Champions

Both Dynasty and Arsenal’s teams made it into the finals. Dynasty Entourage successfully took game 3 after a stalemated finish previously. The following two videos feature Mark Lack just before walking onto the field for Game 3, along with Raney Stanczak and Ronnie Fillipone’s follow up and celebration. Check them out:Read More

ProPaintball Video Updates

Throughout the course of the next few days we will be releasing numerous videos from Sunday at the USPL. They will include pre and post game interviews, 5 man and pump divisions as well as the NCPA update from Chris Raehl, so stay tuned! Simon has posted the first two games of the Pro Finals, […]Read More