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2013 PSP Chicago Open – Videos from AKA Media and

The 2013 PSP Chicago Open was a great success on the media front for PROpaintball.com. Our first video offerings come from Alex Garcia at AKA Media. He’s got some raw Divisional footage to share, with more in the works for later. We’ll also be showcasing some of AKA’s edits, along with the world class work […]Read More

2013 PSP MAO – AKA Media

PROpaintball.com brought AKA Media into our family to flow some exposure where exposure is due. A little on that HERE. We’ve got the first of videographer Alex Garcia’s MAO  divisional raw compilations up and playing for your viewing pleasure. Check’um out below and stay tuned for more. MAO: Alive (montage) [youtube]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qq_7y5uPbIw[/youtube] Project Mayhem Divisional: [youtube]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AdOZU9DBqSY[/youtube] […]Read More

2013 PSP Chicago Open – Photo Galleries

PROpaintball.com brings you exclusive photo galleries from the PROpb media corps. Read on for sample galleries from Mike Mohr at MMphotography.com and Dillard Stephens at 1UP Photography. SUNDAY FRIDAY-SATURDAYRead More

AKA Media and PROpaintball.com Team Up for Video Coverage

AKA Media brings divisional paintball into focus.They’ve built a solid following of viewers by churning out footage of PSP and NPPL divisional teams grinding for glory. PROpaintball.com and AKA are teaming up in 2013 to deliver quality content from national and regional events alike. Look for Alex Garcia shooting at MAO and let him know […]Read More