wcpplcom-west-coast-paintball-players-leagueThis weekend divisional teams faced off at the WCPPL event #2 held in Corona, California. After a rough set of preliminary games, team SURGE picked up their game and fought their way through the finals. David Cornell, formerly of Go 4 Broke, pulled out several games for the team and ultimately bested team Fuzion in a 1-on-1, allowing SURGE to continue into the finals. SURGE ultimately squared off against the LA Hitmen in a 3 game series for first and second place. After several exciting minutes of the teams whittling each other down, SURGE left the field as defending champions with a huge trophy, a team set of medals and $6,000.00!

Great job to the LA Hitmen on your second place finish! Carlos Robles of the LA Hitmen refused to allow an injury to sideline him and played with a pinched nerve in his knee throughout the finals. During a semi-final matchup, the teams looked as if they were to stalemate until Carlos opened up the game with a run across the field and down into the other teams snake 1 to eliminate the bad guys and close out the game. This game was crucial and allowed the Hitmen to continue on to compete for first and second place against SURGE.

The games ran quickly thanks in part to the excellent reffing by San Diego Aftermath. Mike and Jessica Hinman pulled out all the stops to insure another top notch event. Players competed on new turf, fresh bunkers and a received a great price on paintballs. Players seemed very appreciative of the paint pricing and they ultimately shoot almost 15 pallets of paintballs throughout the weekend!

Division 2:

  1. SURGE
  3. Sadistik
  4. Velocity Wrecking Crew

Division 3:

  1. SD Mob
  2. Rockstar Wrecking Crew
  3. SCP Edge
  4. Davis XSV

Division 4: 

  1. LA Onslaught
  2. Scp edge red
  3. Kill @ Will
  4. Incorrupt blue

Stay posted to ProPaintball.com throughout the next couple of days as we bring you photo galleries and video footage from the event.


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