Supporting the Cause: Peyton Trent

l.svEpdncuOISNAKSiAs you may or may not know, Darryl Trent of DLX was recently encountered by a very serious situation. His 7-year-old daughter Peyton was in need of an emergency heart surgery. Because of recent difficulties in the paintball industry and the $300,000 cost of the surgery Darryl and his family are facing a financial burden that might exceed $30,000 for Peyton’s heart surgery, which was performed just last week.

A posting was made for those to donate money to help the Trent family endure the high costs taken in and the entire paintball community as able to raise a grand total of $34,899.67. Below is a message from Darryl personally thanking each and everyone of us:

Tracey and I want to say THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts for all of your prayers, well wishes and donations. It has been a month since Peyton’s surgery and she is doing amazing! She is very happy to be back at school with all of her friends, looking forward to the first of the year when she can participate in P.E. class again. We received our first bill from the surgery in the mail the other day, and thanks to all of you, we wrote out a “stress free” check! We honestly don’t know how we became so blessed, to have such a strong community backing us, but we will forever be grateful to all of you.

I will be at World Cup Malaysia next week with a 10 x 10 “thank you PbNation” banner. I would be honored to have any of you come up and say “hi” so I can thank you in person, as well as, sign this banner for Peyton. I know she will treasure this banner throughout her life as you turned a scary experience into one where she felt loved and cherished. (She now says she is popular, LOL)

Thank you all!

We were able to catch up with Darryl on the phone and he let us know that once Peyton was well enough to get in front of the computer, she personally read each and every post and prayer you guys gave her.