Update from the PSP Regarding ROF Changes

pspTuesdays rumor that the PSP was considering adjusting the rate of fire for the 2010 season proved to be a hot topic for the paintball community. We were fortunate enough to catch up with Lane Wright, President of the PSP, and ask him a few questions. Lane was kind enough to fill us in on a few issues and most importantly he provided an official statement for you, our readers, concerning the rate of fire issue. Check it out below..

After word hit the internet about changing ROF, we have been overwhelmed with calls and emails regarding the issue. The overwhelming opinion is against raising or lowering rate of fire and people obviously want stability. At this time I want to make it clear that PSP has no intention of making any changes to the ROF rules. It’s obvious that our player base wants stability in such issues and we feel obliged to give it.

-Lane Wright, PSP

Its great to know that the PSP is listening to its players all the while insuring consistency and direction during these uncertain times. Stay posted as we bring you the latest paintball news from the front lines.

Special thanks goes to Lane Wright for taking the time to meet with us. Keep up the good work, PSP!