We’ve just received word that Sport Chalet, JT Paintball and Sacramento XSV have teamed up to host a free paintball demonstration at the Huntington Beach location this week. This is a great opportunity to introduce your friends and family to paintball and or check out the new paintball gear from JT. This event is taking place this Sunday, May 15th, between 12pm to 5pm in Huntington Beach, CA. The address to Sport Chalet (event location) is; 16242 Beach Boulevard, Huntington Beach, CA 92647 and you can reach the store at (714) 848-0988.

Meet XSV at the Sport Chalet in Huntington Beach, CA May 15th. Try out the latest JT Paintball gear in the shooting booth, take pictures with the pro’s Rich Telford and Junior Brown! Or just go see them and have a chat about Paintball.

Free Paintball with XSV at Sport Chalet

This event will be a great opportunity to pick up your free paintball rookie pass. Be sure to follow Sacramento XSV on their road trip via the XSV Facebook page.


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