Spain is a sh!t show

Malaga Spain has become a disaster (no pun intended). The oceans tried to swallow the fields, the lightning gods struck down their wrath and the the volcanic ash has tried to bury everything. Read on for the last updates straight from the Pro’s mouths.

A-rod, Bobby Aviles, Jason Trosen and Todd Morrow have combined there American efforts to fill in for Method in the SPL. With rosters scheduled to lock after this event, Todd may not be playing with his team London Shock the rest of the year.

ProPaintball sources suggest the tournament will most likely be canceled due to events beyond control and a rule change may come. Millennium Officials are going to release their official statement at 7:00AM Sunday morning. With the volcano, most european teams will have trouble making it back home for a few days via airplanes. Most are considering renting cars, since train drivers in France are on strike right now. Renting a 9 person van for most teams will cost around $2,000 euro so its either stay or drop a wad of cash.

Pro Paintball Player Update: Sam Monville and Ryan Moorhead are playing on CPL team Coming At You. Pat Roberts and Frassier Massier join Billy Bernacchia on the Copenhagen Ducks. While Ryan Martin and Kekoa Ferguson are with Amsterdam Xistance.

Word on the street is Ledz from Planet Eclipse is posted up at the London Bar and the first 10 people to say “Eclipse Rocks” get a free drink


Special thanks to everyone who contributed to this story: Russ “The Wizard” Kiesche of Infamy, Ryan Moorhead of Impact, Grayson Goff of X-Factor and Chris Lasoya of Joy Division.