The PSP Phoenix Event is just around the corner, and pro paintball teams across the board are busy finalizing their sponsorships. Just last week SLY Equipment debuted their 2010 Pro Paintball Gear Line to the online community who in turn had a very positive response. Just today, SLY and Palm Beach Vipers have announced an agreement to outfit the Vipers paintball program with SLY Protective Gear, most notably the PROFIT Goggle System.

ProPaintball dot com caught up with Don Besancon of SLY Equipment who had this say,

“SLY couldn’t be more excited to support the Palm Beach Viper program. I’ve known Ken for a few years now, and the Viper program embodies everything we look for in a team–and we’re always happy to provide quality equipment for a quality team. We’re proud to announce that the Vipers will use the new PROFIT goggle system, as well as the Pro-Merc protective gear and packs. We can’t wait to see the Vipers use SLY throughout the 2010 season–we have no doubt they’ll be immensely successful. Our thanks go out to Ken and the Viper program, as well as ProPaintball for reaching out to us.”

Ken Bryson of the Palm Beach Vipers added;

“Palm Beach is proud and honored to announce that we have partnered with Sly Equipment for the 2010 season. All of the Palm Beach franchise teams will be using the amazing new Sly Profit goggle system along with Sly Pro-Merc harness, gearbags and protective gear.  Sly has set a new standard of performance, quality, ease of use, cleaning and cutting edge looks with the Profit goggle.  The Palm Beach teams are excited about being one of the first teams lucky enough to be selected to wear the Profit and use the Pro-Merc harness.”

Congratulations to both Sly Equipment and the Palm Beach Vipers. For more information on the Vipers, be sure to check