Sly Equipment’s founder Ken Anderson recently met with paintball players and store owners in Malaysia. During one of the meetings at Napshot Paintball in Malaysia, Ken demonstrated several new prototypes and pieces of new paintball gear from the 2012 line. This is a huge first for the Malaysian paintball community. Congrats guys!

Ed note: The photos below appear to have been taken by a cellphone camera and are not of the highest quality. The photos provide a sneak peak at some or all of the new paintball gear that will be available for the 2012 calendar year.

Sly’s 2012 line of new paintball gear appears to include new paintball mask colors, sly backpack, harnesses, lense bags, pants, and other playing gear.

Here are a few highlights from the paintball photo gallery.

Buy the Sly Equipment Paintball mask.

Buy the 2012 Sly Paintball Jersey

Buy the SLY Paintball Harness

Thanks to Allan Phang of the PALS paintball league for the heads up.

Discuss your thoughts on the new paintball gear from SLY below.


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