Shady Business Practices found at KEE Action Sports

A judge in Delaware has partially ruled in favor of Gino Postorivo (prior owner/executive of National Paintball Supply), asserting the some of KEE’s actions violated Gino’s right to attorney-client confidentiality.

After Gino’s firing, KEE filed suit against Gino for “breach of contract, misrepresentation, and unjust enrichment” amounting to claims over $8.7 million dollars. Although this suit is still ongoing, a Delware judge has found that KEE employees unlawfully obtained messages between Gino Postorivo and lawyer John Campo by copying Campo’s hard drive while he was away from his office at KEE Action Sports. KEE employees claimed that they were simply performing a “routine” back up of Campo’s computer, despite Gino’s allegations.

Although Gino sought the dismissal of the KEE’s entire lawsuit, the courts ruled that the violation only required the dismissal of some of KEE’s attorney staff, and court fees up to $50,000.

Read the entire claim here(64 Pages).