We’ve just received word that Sacramento XSV has rejoined the professional x-ball division. This is great pro paintball news. Congratulations to Rich Telford, Junior Brown, and the rest of the guys for making the move.

Junior Brown said;

We have talked about moving up to Pro all off-season. The original plan was to move up halfway through season so that our less experienced players could get a couple more games under their belt. However with picking up Tyler Harmon and Chirs Wilson making our roster stronger the time to move up is now. It will be challenging but that is what paintball is about, we are known for our hard work and determination so we will, as always, do our best.

Tyler had his first official practice with the team this weekend and for a 20 year old the guy brings so much knowledge and determintation to the team that I am very happy to see him wearing an XSV Jersey for Xball in 2010.