Video of Final Match at PSP World Cup: Damage vs Russians, both teams shot GI Paintballs

Our friend Steve Rabakoff at GI Sports called in this morning to let us know some pretty cool news. First, the PSP has uploaded the final match between pro paintball teams Tampa Bay Damage and the Russian Legion. The final match at the 2011 PSP World Cup was a great battle and we highly recommend you check out the match.


Second, Rab noted that both teams were shooting GI Sports paintballs at the 2011 PSP World Cup. In addition, CXBL winners Windsor Lockdown and PSP Division 2 winners DST Distortion also won using GI paintballs.

GI SPORTZ World Cup WinnersWEB

GI SPORTZ World Cup Winners3WEB

GI SPORTZ World Cup Winners2WEB

GI SPORTZ World Cup Winners4WEB