Russian Legion take the New England Hurricanes

propaintball-icon_128x128The Russians started the match off on the right foot, winning the first point and continuing the match 5 to 0. On the 6th point, the Hurricanes battled back, taking out 3 of the Russians early in the game and slowly eliminating the remaining 2 players. The Hurricanes hung the flag and the match scored 5-1. With their first point of the match under their belts, the Hurricanes began to rally and the team came out guns blazing against the Russians. The Hurricanes quickly scored the second point, bringing the score to 2 for the Hurricanes and 5 for the Russians. The Russians didn’t take losing the two points lightly and brought out the smash line to finish the game out. Final score, Russian Legion (7) vs New England Hurricanes (2)