Rumored Changes to NPPL Layout Dimensions and Bunker Selection

 Rumored Changes to NPPL Layout Dimensions and Bunker Selection


Churned up from the depths of the rumor mill, we’ve got some very interesting information on planned changes to the NPPL field layout dimensions and bunker scheme. Sources indicate a potential shrinking of the playing area from 180 feet x 100 feet to 170 feet x 100 feet. Compare this to the move made by the PSP to reduce their field size to 150 feet x 120 feet for 2013, reversing the expansion to 170 feet x 120 feet made two seasons ago . The benefits of a smaller field are obvious. An accelerated NPPL_Fieldviewpace of play makes for a more engaging spectator experience. Closer combat also means less margin for error in on-field performance, thus pushing players to elevate their game. From an operational standpoint at events, less room is required when choosing a host venue and more free space is available to fit in other necessary elements on the tournament grounds. Now for “the big one”. It’s rumored that the NPPL will be adopting the same bunker set used by the PSP for 2013, with the only variance being the center-50 piece. All bunkers will be the Race-To models, including the snake. Condolences to those that will miss the “wedges” and “car washes”. What do you think the NPPL will decide on as a center-piece “50” bunker? Establishing a shared bunker set is a huge move towards standardizing tournament paintball under one universal format. If this actually goes down, the benefit for player, field owner, and industry will be huge. Time will tell.

So that’s what we’ve got. With the PSP set to release their layout for Dallas later in the evening, we figured it was an appropriate time to drop these rumors.



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