Rumor Wednesday: the road to World Cup

propaintball-iconThe end of the paintball season is typically one of the most exciting times in pro paintball. Paintball teams, players and industry titans are racing to position themselves for the best possible outcome. Read on for the latest paintball news and rumors from X-Factor, Richmond Italia, KEE, XSV, and Miami Rage.

  • X-Factor auctioning off a spot on the Vegas roster. Current bid is $1100.00
  • KEE rumored to be considering purchasing Smart Parts. Sources indicate that Richmond Italia is working on a deal as well so things may get interesting. Speaking of Smart Parts, rumor has it that both San Diego Dynasty and the Naughty Dogs were left to pay their teams entries to the PSP World Cup on their own. Smart Parts is currently experiencing some difficulty and has laid off a number of its work force. All American fans can rest easy, we have confirmed that the team will be competing at World Cup.
  • Former Scottsdale Elevation player Johnny Garcia is said to be trying out for a spot on one of the Norcal pro teams.
  • Micah McGlocklin is said to be in talks with Rich Telford and plans to come back to Sacramento XSV for 2010. Maybe as soon as World Cup.
  • Nicky Cuba is rumored to be joining the all star line up in Cereal Killerz 2. If you haven’t had a chance, be sure to check out the trailer.