Rumor: Pro paintball commissioner switches sides

The battle between the NPPL and PSP seems to be heating up. Earlier today we learned that Tony Mineo, former NXL commissioner and PSP field supervisor, has joined the NPPL. This move follows the recent rumor that NPPL Commissioner Tom Cole had quit to pursue other opportunities. In addition to running the UWL, Cole is said to be joining the PSP to help manage the affiliate leagues.

Pro paintball commissioner Tony Mineo switches sides
Tony Mineo, pro paintball commissioner, walking with his family. Photo via

View for the Deadbox has more on the Tony Mineo rumors. Interestingly enough, it appears that the NPPL has been listening to our complaints all along. According to the VFTD article, the NPPL laid down some serious money to bring Tony and several of of the PSP referees across with him.

This move, timing aside, was originally considered as a way to resolve reffing problems in the NPPL given that the general consensus has been for some time that the PSP’s pro refs (and staff) were the best in the business. Cole’s move may have precipitated the NPPL’s push to make this happen right now but it isn’t or wasn’t a new idea. It is rumored that the NPPL has not only offered Mineo a pile of cheese but also an ownership stake (better get that in writing, Tony) and autonomy in organizing and overseeing the officiating of NPPL events. It is rumored but unsubstantiated that part of the deal was to pull as many of the PSP trained refs over as possible.


The existence of two major leagues has been a sharp debate in recent years and whatever else anyone thought of either league they offered, between them, more options for the players. Those days are ending–at least with regards to these two particular leagues. Intended or not this move by the NPPL is a declaration of war and it won’t be over until one or both of the current major leagues is finished. It would behoove the players and teams to think long and hard about what they want and what they hope for in a major league paintball future and decide accordingly. Except of course the paintball half life of too many making such decisions is so short they won’t (and don’t) know what is potentially at stake. As VFTD as been saying for some time it is the industry that will have to choose–and it is no longer a choice they can put off. Choose wisely.

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Is this the begining of a new major league war?