Rumor: Rockstar Energy returning to paintball?

A few years ago we had an energy rush in the paintball world. Both the drinks and the money were flowing in all directions. Monster, Bawls and Rockstar Energy were all actively engaged in new market development and staking their territories in the paintball world. Not one to miss out on an extreme sport, even Red Bull was rumored to have shown interest in the market. All of these companies were trying to promote their sugar and caffeinated beverages to athletes who wanted to perform at their peak. During 2005-2010 it was not uncommon to see players chugging a few cans before jumping on the field.

Rockstar Energy Paintball Girls
Rockstar Energy Paintball Girls

In 2008, the game was on and the energy drink companies signed deals to be the Official Energy drink providers of professional paintball. Bawls signed with the PSP, and Rockstar with the NPPL. In the first year, both of these deals were heavily promoted, both by the leagues, the energy companies, and those looking to validate paintball as a mainstream sport. However, that buzz quickly faded with the economic collapse in September/October of 2008. Marketing dollars suddenly disappeared as everyone in the world decided to hoard what cash they had in fear of an all out collapse. Monster and Bawls pulled out, and the support from Rockstar was only a trickle of what it once was. Rockstar maintained a small but credible foothold in the paintball market by sponsoring a handful of teams in the US, Canada, and Europe.

rockstar energy paintball teams
Dynasty, Explicit and Rockstar Factory were once big Rockstar teams

Pro Paintball insiders report that Rockstar is planning to reenter the paintball market in 2012. Rumors of a renewed interest in developing the paintball market and licensing deals have been making waves within the pro community.

If rumors hold true, Rockstars re-entry to paintball could make a splash. Could this be the positive buzz that we have all been looking for? A sign of good things to come? Share your thoughts!