This off season has been quite eventful in the means of the surfacing of rumors. As 2009 winded down, the meetings began for the 2010 season for both the USPL and PSP leagues and we’re beginning to wonder what changes will be made to each format for us to get used to. We keep ourselves in the loop so that we can keep the entire community informed as to what we might see up and coming. Check out the latest rumors freshly served.

PSP Rumor of the day: Word has it that the PSP is considering changing the restricted paint color to yellow as it “doesn’t stain grounds or bunkers as badly”. Don’t stress out, the PSP has a proven track record when it comes to communicating changes ahead of time via email announcements. Speaking of the PSP, they are considering moving back to 5 events. If so, the PSP must find the best locations for all five events because the money factor comes into play and enough revenue must be made at each stop to keep the league afloat to ensure more seasons to come.

USPL Rumor of the day: Sources tell us that the USPL is asking their pro team owners for another round of capitalization & 2010 entry fee’s. No word on what, if any, extra funding the league is looking for. Insiders feel free to leave it in the comments.

As far as the pro paintball teams go, we continue to hear reports from the field that teams are busy evaluating their current and prospective players and negotiating with their sponsors. As the 2010 season nears, it will be interesting to find out who will be playing where, and which players will find themselves teamless or lowering divisions.