Rumor of the day – OC Bushwackers drop out of the USPL

Bushwackers-deadboxBallersCafe is reporting that the OC Bushwackers have quit the USPL 7-man league after just two events. Word has it that Ryan Podesta informed the USPL after the West Coast Open that the team would not be continuing on. Read on for latest rumors from the Bushwacker camp including speculation as to why the team won’t be competing in the USPL and adjustments to the teams roster.

The unofficial word is Captain Ryan Podesta emailed the USPL after the West Coast open informing them that the team will no longer be competing in the 7 man format.

Others have said it’s due to money issues inside the Bushwackers franchise. We know before the last PSP (Chicago) Ryan and the team worked hard getting money together to compete in that event. That should have been the first sign that the team would not be playing anymore East Coast events. [ Link ]

Can’t say we didn’t see this one coming. Initially, the USPL had required the Pro teams to compete in their regional events and attend the series finale in Vegas. After the cancellation of DC event back in May, the USPL issued a revised schedule which counted on the Pro teams to travel to all events. The Bushwackers, already on shaky financial footing, must have thrown in the towel after considering the added cost of travel and competing in two National leagues. The Bushwackers are planning on competing at the PSP World Cup, however, rumors abound that the members of the Bushwackers are on the look out for greener pastures.

Credible sources indicated that OC Bushwacker pro paintball player Jerry D’Amato was practicing with Sacramento XSV throughout the weekend while his former teammates on the OC Bushwackers practiced elsewhere. The Bushwackers are said to have picked up Ron Jackson, former owner of the Rodents X-ball team to coach the team.

As of writing, Miami Rage, San Diego Aftermath and the Orange County Bushwackers have withdrawn from the USPL 7-man series. Stay posted to Pro Paintball dot Com as we continue to bring you the latest paintball news and insider gossip.