Rob & Son leave Hurricanes, 3 new players to be picked up

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According to an official statement released by Jeff Stein, Rob and Son have parted ways with the New England Hurricanes.

Sources have confirmed with us that Son has signed on to play with the Philly All-Americans for the remainder of the season. However, Rob has yet to sign a new agreement and as of writing is a free agent. According to the official statement, the team is in the final stages of negotiations with 3 new Hurricane players for the 2009 season. Word has it that Mark Lancia is recovering from his shoulder surgery and should be rejoining the team after MAO.

With all the pro talent available these days (heck, even Chris Lasoya is a free agent), its hard to pin down who will be joining the team.

Readers: If the choice was up to you, what players would you pick up to join stars such as Tom Mantoni & Billy Bernacchia? Place your picks in the comments below!