So the world found out yesterday that Tyler Harmon made the move to Houston Heat. Why?! The big payday right?! There is a bit more to it. Let’s dig in. 

Houston Heat

Well this is a big move for an already stacked team…… A stacked team that has now dropped the ball 3 events in a row. A team that dropped the ball with a new coach that historically has been a positive influence on his respective teams. Todd has what we would refer to in baseball as a impressive WAR rating. His wins above (or over) his replacement are undeniable. The Heat Roster:It is a reasonable conclusion that IF sarge decided to release anyone off of the current Heat roster, they would be picked up by another pro team. To me this says that these players belong in the pro division. Keep in mind that during the 2020 Covid Season many of those Heat players didn’t play much. Some individuals may have taken advantage of Sarges big heart and big pocketbook. Perhaps Tyler’s addition is the first step in replacing a core that has been intact for years (minus Sergei being released). I know that Sarge will stand by his guys longer than ANY owner would. The man is the epitome of loyal.

Why Tyler?

This question is an obvious answer for most. He’s an elite talent. As I’ve said on previous write ups, I grade talent A through D. Tyler is A grade talent. Tyler has been an A grade talent since coming into the pro division. Now as a full grown man with a children of his own, he’s evolved from the baby faced killer we once knew on Bob Long’s Ironmen. Tyler is a hyper active killer with a chip on his shoulder inside the nets. Off the field, he is considered a “glue” player who actively works to hold a team together and helping to bond players together. Pro teams are full of egos that aren’t needed. Mostly because many of these said players never really played team sports as kids id venture to say. But Tyler has the ability to make a rough day feel a bit better. He is a selfless player. He will point the finger square at himself before pointing it at others. 

Rumor 1: The Money.

While Tyler was compensated for his move, the numbers floating around are overblown. Trust me. This move wouldn’t have happened for just money. There is a underlying issue that I will address shortly. 

Rumor 2: Federov being replaced.

Lets set the record straight: Tyler was not picked up to replace Federov.

I’ve seen some speculation in regards to this. Fed has had major issues getting his visa to travel due to Covid and embassies being closed. But I’ve been told he will land in the next few days and will be at weekend one practice with Heat. 

Houston Heat Grade for the move: A 

San Diego Dynasty

Well, where do we start with this. This loss will be felt. Tyler had a large load in regards to play time. You won’t replace him. 

Why did Tyler leave? As I addressed earlier most will say money. And I’m sure this had something to do with it. But I can say with a high level of certainty that Tyler left due to a philosophical difference with the ownership aka the three wise men (Alex, Yosh, Ryan). Tyler I believe is a loyal and honorable man. He has been to me since day one. It’s not like a player of this moral fabric to leave mid season without a cause. Simply put “a rift had long since been simmering between Tyler and one of the wise men, and Tyler had had enough after Event 1”. Take that for what it is. 

Whats next: Dynasty will get back longtime pro player Dalton Vanderbyl for Philadelphia. This will help. But where does he play?! Dyansty needs more than one front guy that can put the weight on their shoulders. Short of a miracle pickup……. Dyansty will need to rely on their core to be healthy and young players Arturo, Mike Urena and Grayson Gladstone to have a solid event for them to get deep into Sunday.

Only time will tell. Stay tuned to for more.


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