R7 Paintball Gun Camera

After several years of development, Greg “Red” Hastings ┬áis preparing to launch his new paintball gear brand R7.

Today a photo surfaced of one of the first R7 products, the R7 Replay Paintball Camera. Available in 1080 High Definition, Greg’s camera comes complete with a paintball gun mount and will enable you to both document your paintball experience and confirm your shots.

Here is a sneak peak;

New Paintball Gear: R7 Paintball Camera
New Paintball Gear: R7 Paintball Camera

Helmet mounted paintball cameras have become immensely popular in recent years. Up until recently, we had (wrongly) assumed that the use of these small HD cameras was limited to tournament players. However, we learned this was not the case on our Presidents day paintball trip. ProPaintball staff noted 3 or 4 of the players (of our 60 person walk-on group) were using GoPro’s to document their day. In addition to those wearing the cameras, several paintball players were discussing buying their own Helmet mounted HD Cameras. Seems that R7 may have a hot paintball product on their hands.

The question is, will R7 be able to out market GoPro & ContourHD in the paintball world?