Today is the 4th and final day of the 2010 PSP World Cup where the best of the best compete for the World Championship Title. Read on for the latest scores and reports from the field.

Quarter Final Results:

08:00am – Damage (5) vs. Dynasty (4) – Quarter Game 1

Damage came back from a 4 to 2 deficit to win in over time against Dynasty. Both teams received 1 major. Very intense match up. Damage will move on.

08:50am – Infamous (7) vs. X-Factor (4) – Quarter Game 2

Infamous received 1 major while X-Factor received 2 minor penalties. Infamous will move on.

Semi Final Results

10:45am – Russian Legion (7) vs. Tampa Bay Damage (2)

11:30am – Chicago Aftershock (7) vs. LA Infamous (2)

Final Schedule:

01:45 EST – Tampa Bay Damage (7) vs LA Infamous (2)

Infamous received two majors on the final point. Tampa Bay Damage wins the series title for the PSP. Along with the series title for the NPPL, Damage has two series titles in the same season. The last team to accomplish this feat was Dynasty in 2005.

Chicago Aftershock (0) vs Russian Legion (7)

Final Standings:

1st – Russian Legion
2nd – Chicago Aftershock
3rd – Tampa Bay Damage
4th – LA Infamous
5th – SD Dynasty
6th – San Antonio X Factor
7th – Ironmen
8th – Vicious
9th – Impact
10th – Entourage
11th – Naughty Dogs


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