We are proud to present the PSP World Cup PRO Paintball Results and News from the paintball field.

Scores from the field:

08:00am – Infamous (7) vs X-Factor (3)

08:45am – Impact (7) vs. Entourage (3)

09:30am – Aftershock (7) vs. X-Factor (0).
X factor received two majors and was unable to recover. Cody Bayless, Dusty Odell and Ryan Cohen (Ironmen) are back with X factor.

10:15am – Infamous (6) vs. Entourage (3).
Entourage had the flag and was half a second from their 4th point when the match ended. Aaron Tholey from XSV has joined Entourage.

11:00am – Impact (7) vs. Aftershock (6).

Shock started with a 4 point lead against Impact but was unable to hold the Canadians back. Shocks Cody Mickowski receives a major and Impact ties up the match 6 to 6. After a brief time out Impact scores the final point.

12:15pm – Vicious (7) vs. Naughty Dogs (5)

01:00pm – Legion (7) vs. Dynasty (3)
Alex Goldman is not playing with Dynasty this event. Mike Mesa of Aftermath has joined Dynasty.

01:45pm – Damage (7) vs. Ironmen (4)

02:30pm – Dynasty (7) vs. N.Dogs (1)

03:15pm – Legion (7) vs. Ironmen (1)

04:00pm – Damage (7) vs. Vicious (0)

Special thanks to Cade Coleman and Rob


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