pspThe PSP wants to remind everyone competing at the 2009 PSP World Cup that there are a few ways to simplify and expedite your registration process. Check out the official word below;

Skip the ID Line with APPA Express ID Check-In

PSP Players who have prepaid for their ID cards and uploaded their photos can skip the ID line and get their ID when they check in with their team using APPA’s ExpressID pass.

Remember Your Photo ID

Players picking up their 2009 Player ID cards are required to show photo ID. Players 17 years and older may show a driver’s license, state or military ID, or a passport. Players 17 years and younger may also show a school photo ID with birth date or a school photo ID or yearbook and a copy of their birth certificate.

Check-In Hours:

Check-in will take place onsite at Fantasy of Flight.

  • Tuesday: 1 PM – 6 PM
  • Wednesday: 7 AM – 7 PM
  • Thursday: 7 AM – 7 PM
  • Friday: 7 AM – 7 PM
  • Saturday: 7 AM – 7 PM
  • Sunday 7 AM – End of Games

Bag Check

Each paintball player may bring thousands of dollars in sporting equipment with them to an event and keeping that investment secure can take some effort. Where do you leave your gear bag when you want to watch games? Do you carry it with you? Leave it unprotected in your car? Drive back to your hotel to drop it off?

APPA wants to give players the opportunity to spend more time at the events without having to worry about securing their gear. Bag-check service will again be available from the APPA at the World Cup. For $10, players can bring their bag to the registration tent, check it, pick it up later, and be free to watch games, explore the trade show, or take a trip over to the theme parks, without having to worry about leaving their bag unprotected. Players will even have the option to check their bag overnight, where it will be locked up and available first thing the next morning, so they do not have to take their bag back to the hotel at all.

For more information, stop by registration at the 2009 PSP World Cup.

Get Schedule Updates with APPA ScoreBlast technology!

With APPA’s ScoreBlast technology, your team no longer needs to wait for all games to finish or has to check the internet to find out when your next round’s games will be played. Just make sure a text-message-enabled cell phone is listed on your roster, and APPA will text whether you have advanced and when and where your next round’s games will be played as soon as the schedule for the next round is completed.

To make sure you get ScoreBlast messages, just log in to your roster and update your ScoreBlast phone number: Update


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