PSP Releases Updated Rule Book for 2013 Season

Pay attention to the details, kiddies! When the match is on the line, knowing the finite points of the PSP Rulebook can mean the difference between a W and an L. Anyone who’s logged time in the league can recall games where the rules helped, and games where the rules hurt. PSP Rulebook giveth, PSP Rulebook taketh. Give a look below at the document sent out through PSP’s listserv [which you can sign up for here], which highlights the most important alterations every player should take note of. Two weeks to Dallas, best brush up!

2013 Rulebook and Quick Reference Guide

The 2013 PSP Rulebook is now available for download at

Below is a partial listing of the PSP rule changes for 2013 and is intended only as a quick reference guide to some of those changes with one exception.  It is important for each team member to read the entire PSP Rulebook prior to play.


A.2.2.1. The 60 second rule which allowed for a “swing point” at the end of regulation or in overtime has been removed from this edition of the rulebook.

A.2.2.2. For Dallas pros 6 teams will advance to Sunday play with top two seeds receiving a bye to semi-finals and the teams ranked 11th and lower relegated to Challengers for the second event. For info on the playoff structure in the pro brackets after Dallas read section, 1.5.4. & 1.5.6.

A.2.2.3. For information on changes to the overtime rules as it applies to Race To-2 see section(s)

2.1.7. & 2.1.8. For changes to overtime rules as it applies to Race To-4/5 preliminary play see 2.2.9. for Race To-7 prelims. For the structure of overtime periods and play in any playoff situation see section 2.3.

A.2.2.4. See 5.1. for rules change regarding layers of cloths, padding and (5.2.2.) formal recognition of slider shorts as a form of protective gear.

A.2.2.5. Section 5.1.9. has reduced from 3 to 2 the number of items that may be worn on the head.

A.2.2.6. Section 5.1.14. gives league mandated pro jersey requirements.

A.2.2.7. Section outlines league mandated numbered hopper requirements for pro players.

A.2.2.8. Section 5.6.3. no longer allows shoes to have limited amounts of the protected color, yellow, on them. Shoes were removed from the list of worn items allowed trace amounts of the protected color yellow.

A.2.2.9. Section 6.1.2. outlines league intent for tighter security measures in 2013 and more severe penalties for violators.

A.2.2.10. Section addresses non-verbal “communication” infractions from the pit to the field.

A.2.2.11 Section covers “tagging up” on the breakout.

A.2.2.12. Section provides for a Breakout Exception designed to reduce (or eliminate) unintentional or incidental backline boundary violations.

A.2.2.13. Section 6.5.1. restructures ‘loss of possession’ during a point in order to reduce the number of frivolous player eliminations based on incidental or accidental occurrences, like running out of a shoe or even unintentionally knocking the hopper off your marker.

A.2.2.14. Section 6.5.2. allows players to pick paint up off the ground and shoot it.

A.2.2.15. Section 7.2. currently provides incomplete information regarding pro ranking using the new Champions & Challengers brackets. Will be updated asap.

A.2.2.16. Section 7.3. provides details of promotion and relegation between the pro brackets and between Challengers and D1.

A.2.2.17. Section 8.2. defines a rostered player and provides penalties for the use of non-rostered or otherwise illegal players.

A.2.2.18. Section 8.3.3. provides roster regulations and restrictions specific to Race To-7.

A.2.2.19. Section changes
Again, the above is just a partial listing of the PSP rule changes for 2013 and is intended only as a quick reference guide to some of those changes.  It is important for each team member to read the entire PSP Rulebook prior to play.  For more information on the PSP visit


Almost every rule change listed piques my interest.. No more swing point. Paint on the ground is free game for pickup. New guidelines for OT. Buffed-up security measures for pits. Intent to enforce restrictions on non-verbal communication from the pit (wouldn’t it be nice we were reading “pit side verbal coaching reenacted” instead?).  What grabs your attention? Let us know in the comments..