PSP Survey sent out regarding format

Last night a survey went out was sent out from the PSP to gauge the opinion of longtime PSP series players and team owners. This survey is very interesting as it helps shed a bit of light on yesterday’s Major League Merger rumor round up. In the email below, Lane once again clears the air and speculation with regards to format. Lane tackle this issue head on, saying there has been “very little discussion regarding format“. Another interesting element of this survey is the options presented. Players are open to choose between 5man, 7man, or whichever format is provided as long as there is consistent reffing. Lastly, Lane mentions that while they are looking for your opinion and value it greatly, they will not be making a decision based entirely on the results of the poll. Based on the timing of the poll closing (tonight at 7pm), it appears there will be continued discussions of a merger at this weeks 2011 PSP World Cup or shortly there after.

Here is the email we received in entirety:

PSP Pro Paintball

A message from Lane Wright, COO of PSP Events, LLC:

As many of you have probably heard, there are ongoing discussions between PSP Events, LLC and the NPPL regarding a combining of the two companies into one and producing one tournament series.

There has been lots of speculation and rumor-mongering about the format that would be adopted if this merger were to happen. At this point, there has been very little discussion regarding format.

Obviously, a discussion and decision on format will have to take place in the very near future. As such, I am attempting to get a very brief answer from PSP teams about the subject.

If you received this email, your team has shown a commitment to attending PSP events, and as such, we greatly value your opinion.

I want to make clear this is not a poll from which a decision will be made. There are many issues involved in a chosen format. While player choice is certainly a huge part of the equation, it isn’t the only consideration.

Very simply, please log in to your team profile and choose the one (1) choice that most closely represents your opinion on the format used going forward:

A.      My team will play whatever format is provided, assuming the reffing will continue to be consistent.

B.      My team prefers to play a point-based format but aren’t very concerned with whether there are 5 or 7 players on the field.

C.      My team doesn’t care about the point-based format, but we are only interested in playing a 5 player format.

D.      My team doesn’t want to play anything other than a format very similar to the current 5 player, point-based format.

E.      My team would prefer to play the point-based format currently used but with 7 players.

F.      My team would prefer 7 players and a format other than the current point-based format.

To respond to this poll, visit <link redacted>.

I would greatly appreciate receiving your response by 7 PM Eastern, Wednesday, October 19.

Thank you for your support,

Lane Wright

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