PSP: Phoenix paintball event registration is now open!

Registration for the first pro paintball event of the season, PSP Phoenix for the March 19 – 21, 2010 has officially opened. Full details after the jump.

psp phx reg1

Official release:

“Registration is now open at for the March 19 – 21, 2010 PSP Phoenix Open held outside of the University of Phoenix Stadium in Glendale, Arizona.

Sign your team up today and become a member of the most prestigious paintball tournament series in the world. See pictures of yourself online and in the magazines. Find articles being written about your team. Mingle with, watch and learn from the top players in the sport from every level. Learn about the latest gear and technology from the manufacturers themselves. Compete against the toughest teams with the best officiating paintball has to offer. This is what you’ve dreamt of, worked hard for and deserve. This is the PSP 2010 Season Opener and the chance for you to pursue your paintball dreams.

Sign your team up today in one of the following divisions at and enjoy a rate of fire limit of 12.5 BPS in all divisions, a new, flexible classification structure and over $60,000 in prizes:

  • Pro RaceTo-7 Team Entry Fee: $2,500
  • Semi-Pro RaceTo-7 Team Entry Fee: $2,500
  • D1 RaceTo-5 Team Entry Fee: $2,750
  • D2 RaceTo-5 Team Entry Fee: $2,750
  • D3 RaceTo-4 Team Entry Fee: $2,500
  • D4 RaceTo-4 Team Entry Fee: $2,500
  • D3 RaceTo-2 Team Entry Fee: $1,100
  • D4 RaceTo-2 Team Entry Fee: $1,100″