PSP Phoenix Pro Paintball Schedule – Sunday

propaintballToday is the final day of the season opener here in Phoenix, AZ at the wonderful Glendale Stadium. The PRO paintball teams have battled it out for the past two days in hopes to make it into the finals to start 2010 off with a podium. Yesterday we say the falling of Ironmen as well as VICIOUS, X-Factor and XSV. Moving onto the semi-finals bracket is:

Top 6 PRO Bracket:

  • Tampa Bay Damage
  • LA Infamous
  • Dynasty
  • Red Legion
  • Aftershock
  • Impact

Stay tuned as we will be updating the scores LIVE throughout the day as it progresses, and be sure to be connected with our twitter page for updates as they happen each point at @propaintballcom.

09:10am – PRO – Legion (5) vs. Aftershock (6)
10:00am – PRO – Dynasty (5) vs. Impact (6)
01:00pm – PRO – Infamous (4) vs. Impact (7) Semi Final
01:50pm – PRO – Damage (7) vs. Aftershock (1) Semi Final
03:30pm – PRO – Infamous (4) vs. Aftershock (7) Podium Match
05:20pm – PRO – Impact (7) vs. Damage (4) Finals

Final PRO Standings:

  1. Impact
  2. Damage
  3. Aftershock
  4. Infamous

Congratulations Edmonton Impact on your first PSP Professional win!