Pro paintball is starting to kick off the 2010 season. Today the PSP season opener begins at the Glendale Youth Sports Complex in Glendale, Arizona. The event is positioned right next to the amazing University of Phoenix Stadium. If you would like to come visit the location and check out pro paintball for yourselves you will be able to find directions here. For those of you unable to make the event, rest easy. has six different staff members helping document one of the greatest paintball events of the season.

Paintball news update @ 10am PST: Sacramento XSV signs with SLY Equipment. Not sure on specifics, but we will have more info shortly.

Fridays PRO paintball schedule is as follows:

11:15am – Russian Legion ( 7 ) vs. Omaha Vicious ( 4 )
12:00pm – X-Factor ( 7 ) vs. XSV ( 4 )
01:15pm – Ironmen ( 4 ) vs. Impact ( 7 )
02:00pm – Dynasty ( 4 ) vs. Infamous ( 7 )
02:45pm – Aftershock ( 7 ) vs. Vicious ( 6 )
03:30pm – Damage ( 7 ) vs. XSV ( 1 )
04:15pm – Dynasty ( 7 ) vs. Impact ( 6 )

Stay tuned for the latest paintball scores, paintball news, and new paintball gear.


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