Today is day 2 of the 3 day pro paintball tournament hosted by the PSP in Glendale, Az. Paintball games have been running smoothly and the weather is excellent. Semi pro and pro paintball teams from across the world got off to a great start yesterday with several hard fought matches. Most notable were the matches involving VICIOUS, a team from Omaha Nebraska that is making their pro debut. The first matchup for VICIOUS was played against last years pro champions, the Russian Legion, in which VICIOUS earned 4 points against the Russians. In the teams second matchup, VICIOUS proved themselves to be serious competition by nearly defeating the star studded roster of Chicago Aftershock in a match that ultimately scored 7 to 6.

Today we are proud to resume our coverage of the PSP Phoenix Open. The schedules and scores will be updated throughout the day. For those of you tuning in, please feel free to check out the LIVE! match information on the left hand panel of the site. If your mobile, feel free to subscribe to our twitter, @ProPaintballcom, and we will keep you updated.

07:30am – Impact (5) vs. XSV (7)
12:00pm – Ironmen (6) vs. Infamous (7)
12:45pm – Legion (7) vs. X-Factor (2)
02:00pm – Damage (7) vs. Aftershock (5)
02:45pm – Infamous (7) vs. Vicious (5)
03:30pm – Legion (3) vs. Dynasty (7)
04:15pm – X-Factor (6) vs. Aftershock (7)
05:00pm – Damage (7) vs. Ironmen (5)


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