PSP Phoenix Field Layout Rumors

Rumors have surfaced that may hint at the PSP Phoenix paintball field layout. Read on for the latest news and a leak that has surfaced.

After the postponement of PSP Galveston’s professional division, players and fans began speculating as to how the PSP would handle the delayed pro matches. Unfortunately, there is no precedent for postponed paintball matches to take place at another location. Lucky for everyone involved, the rescheduling only effects 12 teams.

As you will recall, Sunday professional play has been rescheduled to take place on Thursday, April 19th (at PSP Phoenix) due to storms during the Galveston event. A few questions have come across inquiring as to how the PSP will handle the field layouts.

  1. What type of layout will the professionals compete on? The Galveston layout, the Phoenix layout, or both?
  2. If Pro teams are playing the Galveston layout on Thursday to wrap up the event, how will they have time to walk the Phoenix layout in time to play Fridays games?
psp galveston paintballfield
PSP Galveston Paintball Field Layout

Earlier this morning we received a note from ProPaintball insiders suggesting an interesting bit of intel was posted on the PSP’s website. Apparently the story was posted then later retracted, possibly only moments after going live. The only tidbit available is this;

Special Announcement Regarding the PSP Phoenix Open Field Layout   The PSP took the following into consideration when deciding on the field layout for the upcoming April 19 – 22, 2012 PSP Phoenix Open:   1) Prior to the Galveston Island event, we received very positive reviews of the field layout and were excited to […]

While short and unclear, this brief message may provide a few hints of what the future may hold. From the sounds of the above snippet, some sort of announcement is forthcoming.

What is your take? Will we see a replay on the Galveston layout? For PRO, or all of the divisions? Or, will we move to the a new paintball field layout?