PSP Phoenix 2010 – Laning paintball players off the break!

PHX 10 LanesPro Paintball coach and internet extraordinaire Baca Loco has posted his breakdown for eliminating your opponents off the break at the first paintball event of the season, PSP Phoenix 2010. We highly recommend you give this article a read as it may provide some valuable insight as to the shots you and the rest of your paintball team should be making. Give it a read over at View for the Deadbox or read on for an article teaser.

Here is a teaser from the article;

Inside the half circle on the diagram is the basic shooting zone. I’ve chosen some spots but the available lanes aren’t limited to the spots. Anywhere within the zone offers most of the same lanes. On the d-side of the field the home shooter has limited lanes and minimal control of the wire. This is where A, B & C come into play as players delay their move to their primaries in order to lane first. A & C are moderately high risk which is where E & I become options. E represents player movement up field with the option to shoot a moving lane to either side of the field and I is positioned in the nearest TCK in order to shoot a cross field corner and D1 lane. The problem in relying on I is that you remove a gun from the snake side of play otb.