PSP NPPL Merger Rumor Report

The series championships have come and gone. Rumors have run amuck throughout the 2011 season that a merger was in the works and that we would see some sort of unified league in 2012. At the PSP World Cup, we heard Dave Youngblood (via webcast) indicate that a merger announcement would be coming in the next 3 weeks (positive indication on merger). A few days prior to NPPL Vegas, we learned that the NPPL has already “scheduled” NPPL HB 2012 (negative indication on merger). All of this leaves us guessing..

PSP NPPL Paintball League Merger Update

Here is a rumor round up of the latest;

Apparently the merger was a “go” the week prior to NPPL Las Vegas. According to ProPaintball insiders, a meeting was held on Saturday, November 12th between the NPPL and PSP. Sources suggest the topic of conversation related to closing the deal, but something went awry. Rumors range from differing on format to the high rollers on each side of the table trying to buy one another out.

Over the years we as players have heard that the big league merger was “right around the corner”, “happening” or a “done deal” more times than we can count. After publishing countless merger related stories (and rumors), we find ourselves tiring of the subject.

Now we turn it to you, the players.

  • Do you think a merger will happen?


  • Do you think this merger will make or break professional/divisional paintball?


  • Do you care if the leagues merge or not?