PSP MAO 2010 Saturday Scores

08:00am – Chicago Aftershock (6) vs. Omaha Vicious (7)
08:45am – San Antonio X-Factor (1) vs. Newport Entourage (7)
09:30am – Edmonton Impact (1) vs. Russian Legion (7)
10:15am – San Antonio X-Factor (6) vs. Omaha Vicious (7)
11:00am – Russian Legion (7) vs. Newport Entourage (3)
11:45am – Edmonton Impact (7) vs. Chicago Aftershock (2)
01:00pm – LA Infamous (7) vs. Sacramento XSV (4)
01:45pm – San Diego Dynasty (0) vs. LA Ironmen (0) – Lots of penalties, Ironmen win but not sure on final score.
02:30pm – Tampa Bay Damage (7) vs. San Diego Aftermath (1)
03:15pm – San Diego Dynasty (5) vs. Sacramento XSV (4) – Time ran out.
04:00pm – San Diego Aftermath (0) vs. LA Ironmen (0) — Currently a 3 on 3 with players waiting each other out.
04:45pm – Tampa Bay Damage (0) vs. LA Infamous (0)

Score Credit: Robs45


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