PSP Lane Wright statement on 2011 PSP World Cup

The 2011 PSP World Cup has come and gone. Paintball teams from across the world are back at home. While players are busy counting their welts, their trophies, and planning for next year, the PSP is still working to conclude the event. Lane Wright from the PSP has issued a statement on the event and his thoughts about the best paintball event of the season.

PSP Pro Paintball

For anyone who has stopped me at an event to ask how the event is going, you know my answer is always – “I have to wait until I get home and read the Internet before I’ll know.”

I have to say, I am extremely proud to be a part of the paintball community this week.

We just ran the largest tournament of the year. We had a lot of games, a lot of players, a lot of vendors, and a lot of spectators. We ran a live web cast to the world. We had people viewing real time coverage of the event from all over the planet. There is a lot that can go wrong with these events. Especially the big ones, like World Cup.

There has been more positive feedback on this event than any event I can remember – ever.

My staff works very hard to provide a great event. It is very motivating when the effort is appreciated. Thank you all for attending. Thank you all for the compliments. And, last but not least, thank you for allowing me and my staff to come home from an event that is unbelievably taxing both physically and mentally, and not having to be overwhelmed by negativity.

I like to think we are getting better and better at what we do. I know that is our goal. I like to think the trend away from the negativity is based largely on our efforts successes. But, I also feel the players, teams, and vendors who still support the tournaments are the tried and true paintball people who want to help this sport be what it can be. That really helps our efforts.
I sincerely hope we provided a very good event for the paintball community. Based on the feedback we are receiving, it seems that we did.

The players and teams, the sponsors and vendors, the refs and staff, the community and venue – it all matters.

To everyone involved — I sincerely thank you for helping make this one of the best events I’ve had for quite a few years. This attendance at this event and the overwhelmingly positive response we have had to the event makes me feel, for the first time in a while, that things are starting to look positive for tournament paintball again. That’s a very, very good thing to see.

Best regards to you all —
Lane Wright
PSP Events, LLC

What were your thoughts and feelings on the 2011 PSP World Cup? Was it all that you expected? More? Or less? Share your thoughts..