PSP invites 4 more teams into the Pro Bracket

Lane Wright and the PSP have been hard at work putting the finishing touches on the 2009 national X-ball series. During December we reported that the New England Hurricanes and San Diego Aftermath would be filling out the 11th and 12th spots in the NXL (which has recently become the 2009 PSP Pro Bracket). With reports that Tom Fore and Chuck Hendsch are working to start up their own premier 7-man league, rumors have surfaced that the PSP has sent out an additional 4 invites to the following Pro Franchises; Orange County Bushwackers, Sacramento XSV, Jersey Authority/MOD and DC Arsenal.

It should be noted that DC Arsenal is primarily owned by Tom Fore, one of the guys working to start up the NPL / USPA 7-man series.


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