Storm hits PSP Galveston, paintball delayed

Update: The PSP has gotten the games running and the webcast back online. Watch the free paintball webcast and discuss the games!

The PSP Galveston paintball event was hit by a bad storm. Yesterday afternoons webcast was cut short by a rain and wind storm delaying and in some cases cutting games short. This morning PSP event staff and paintball teams arrived to complete a damage assessment. The fields were flooded, the polls damaged and the ez-up’s destroyed. Check out this video taken earlier this morning.


This is not the first time that the PSP has suffered environmental damage. Those previous events have proven that thte PSP is very skilled in making quick repairs and getting back on schedule. However, weather forecast for the area show 15-20mph winds and more rain are on the way. This might make field repairs difficult.┬áNeither time or weather seem to be on paintball’s side this time around.

As of writing the PSP webcast has been delayed as the event crew works through the storm.. The event and webcast are back online. Games are a few hours behind but the PSP is doing their best to run the matches. Rumors indicate the pro matches will be rescheduled until PSP Phoenix. Stay tuned for further updates.